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As we are at it, any form of art should be appreciated in its original language (as long as possible). This is true for poetry, but also literature and cinema. There are some exceptions though, like Baudelaire’s translations of Poe’s short stories.

I agree with you. Usually, I try to read/watch everything in its original language, except when I just can’t understand it. Translation always takes away something, that much is obvious. I’ve yet to read Baudelaire’s translation of Poe, but another example I can give is the English translation of Pessoa and Saramago, two authors I can’t read in Portuguese but I find the English translation gives it a different beauty from the original.

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It depends of what I am trying to translate. Very technical stuff is still easy, because there is no ambiguity intended. I just stick to its content. But poetry is different. I feel like there is no way to do justice to it in another language.

Yeah, I’m not even talking about poetry, that’s hell in its own sense. I already get really confused with news sometimes, like it’s really hard to tell the feelings of someone from text alone, and there are times when you need to understand the context to grab the meaning.

Poetry is incredibly difficult, though. I have a copy of Baudelaire’ Fleurs du Mal with the adjoining original French and there are so many poems where the English just fails the French so badly, I just stick with the French version.

seitekishoujo replied to your post “Even if I fuck up on my translations, I hope you don’t hate me, I’m…”

I appreciate your work! It’s always wonderful to get a new perspective on things that I care about. I learn a lot.

Thank you! It’s as I said, as long as there are people who find it interesting or benefit from it in any way, I’m happy.

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Exactly. I always get this feeling when translating from Japanese, but not that much with closer languages (like French and English). It is not only the meaning, but the whole shape of the text that seems to change.

Yeah, I think it’s a problem of the language itself, it’s a very vague and concept-based language, so it makes it hard to transpose it into western languages. I just grab the context and write it from there for most cases. How about you?

Even if you fuck up on translations, thank you for putting time and effort into translating things :3

's alright! I do it for me as well; I mean, I need to translate things to understand them most of the times, so I may as well go the extra mile and write them for you guys. If you appreciate it, it obviously makes me happy. <3

Reason #1 why I hate translating stuff

You always get this sense of “did I convey the original meaning properly”, right? Even more so in languages without direct translations, like Japanese.

Even if I fuck up on my translations, I hope you don’t hate me, I’m just trying my best to bring you guys interesting stuff.

「日本から逃げる準備を」 集団的自衛権の影響で子供に英語教育をさせパスポートを用意する母親たち - 朝日

"Ready to run away from Japan" ー mothers are getting their kids passports and English lessons in light of new right of collective self-defense constitution revision


"With the secrets protection law, and the new right to collective self-defense, all these things that are coming, I want them to know it’s alright to run away from a place they call ‘home’. I want to know what other mothers think about this."

whoa calm down, it’s not like they’re waging war with China already

Sweet! Thanks man! That tracklist looks sick!

You’re welcome! I don’t know if the first one is available on JPS or something, if it isn’t, I’ll eventually upload it.

My guilty pleasure this season is Rail Wars. It’s about trains, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT.

It’s a shame they only feature Tokyo stations, though, I’d loved to see the quaint countryside stations and places get featured (but I guess researching those places is too much for a niche anime budget huh)

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y’all should download this

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