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Hey, the new TK album is out today? I completely forgot about it

seitekishoujo I’m not too worried about the cost of the shots, because this is basically a film vs. film decision, but I need to consider I’d only use Instax for personal snapshots, whilst film would be spent on more serious photography.

vagabondedlife The thing is, we don’t have cheap film here, Portra is actually the second cheapest film I can find widely available in the country without having to dig around (first is Velvia, but I don’t really like the tones it gives me on my compact). I miss Yodobashi camera’s film department.

vagabondedlife yes but each roll of portra comes out at 7.90€+6.90€ shipping, and the Instax I was looking at was 79.90€ with 10 sheets free, so I’m really torn here ;_;

I want to get an instax but at the same time I wanna get a few rolls of portra

jetcraftsofa said: What is your photography blog?

(I have gotten my hands on a computer here so let me answer this before I forget)

It’s h—a—-ya!

I interrupt this short break of mine to say I’ve watched The Kindgom of Dreams and Madness (the Ghibli documentary) and tell you you should watch it right now.



I’ll be less active for a while, going to visit my family. Beachside holidays yo

Won’t be answering any questions and such, because I’ll just be on my mobile.

Also, will probably be doing some serious shooting there, so stay tuned on my photography blog.

That’s all, Hugo out.

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Haruaka Igawa


Haruaka Igawa



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